Fun and original way to brighten up the walls in your nursery!


    Hours of fun with this super fun disguise dress!


    Straight from the jungle trail to hold your possessions wherever you go!


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  • FAQ

    Q: Where can I see Wild & Soft products?

    A: Wild & Soft products can be found at one of our retail partners listed on SHOPS. Unfortunately, due to the large range of our products, you may only find displays of a few of our products in each store. Hopefully, that will give you a good idea of the quality of our collection so that you will be confident in ordering the product of your choice.

    Q: Are Wild & Soft products safe??

    A: Wild & Soft takes safety very seriously! Before each product is launched, it must pass the testing according to the strictest European EN71 standard. Our “Trophy Collection” which are considered “decorations” rather than “toys” also pass the same testing standards every though it is not required by law.

    Q: Does Wild & Soft take care of corporate social responsibilities?

    A: Wild & Soft considers social responsibility the highest priority. Production of goods follow the strict standards according to the “ICTI Code of Business Practices” and our “Code of Conduct” needs to be accepted. Some of the criteria that must be respected are:
    - Work Hours
    - Wages
    - Child Labour
    - Discrimination
    - Staff Facilities
    - Fire Safety
    - Environment, health and safety

    Q: How do I take care of my Wild & Soft product?

    A: To clean our products, we recommend using lint rollers, gentle soap scrubs with a light colored cloth and dried with a dry towel.


    Q: I haven’t found an answer to my question.

    A: If you don’t find an answer to your question in our FAQ’s, please contact us:
    TEL +86 21 3220 0832
    EMAIL info@arketype.com



    China sole distributor - Arketype Trading (Shanghai) Limited.
    If you have any questions about our products and services please contact us below.

    Room 1107, Flat A, 228 Zhangyang road, Shanghai, China
    +86 21 3220 0832